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Executive Coaching

Coaches have the ability to view things from afar— in what some refer to “Helicopter vision” — and shed new light on difficult or challenging situations. Often they can act as a sounding board through tough decisions, help sharpen skills and connect to motivation.

-CFO Magazine

An article in Public Management revealed a study where training alone was compared to the life/executive coaching combined with training. The study showed that training alone increased productivity by 22.4% while training combined with weekly coaching increased productivity by 88%.

Here is why:

Accountability. Most life coaches have three or four calls per month with their clients. This regularly scheduled session prompts clients to get more done than they would if left to their own devices. Think about it, if you work out with a personal trainer at the gym, you work much harder than on your own. Clients take bigger action, set bigger goals and think bigger  when they work with a professional coach.

Expertise. The trained life coach knows how to help you set the right goals, make more money and structure your personal and professional life to achieve greater productivity with less effort. You will achieve more in less time with the input of a coach on your side.

Delivery. A well trained coach knows how to use the right words so that you are naturally motivated. Typical command and control management tends to bring up direct or passive resistance and results seem to never fully materialize. Coaching typical works best with weekly calls so clients have time to integrate new ways of thinking and take action each week toward their goals. Most life/executive coaching is done by phone or Skype for up to one hour sessions. The experience is challenging and uplifting. You will look forward to your weekly calls. You and your future are worth the investment. Speed. Most people find that things start to happen very quickly when you hire and work with skilled coach.

Speed. Most people find that things start to happen very quickly when you hire and work with skilled coach.

Who works with a Life/Executive Coach?

Entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders, managers, small business owners, start-ups and professionals all reach their goals with the help of a life/executive coach. If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, there is room for coaching. Not only will your coach help you close the gap, your coach will help you break through your limiting beliefs and challenge you to think bigger.


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